"A bold, relentless spirit with an unyielding compromise to excellence - that is YOHAN RODRIGANI."

Yohan Rodrigani is an American designer and founder of the Yohan Rodrigani brand. Since childhood, Rodrigani had a keen interest in music and art. He envisioned himself creating music, yet an unintentional turn of events led him to discover a different note – the world of designing.

Motivated by his curiosity and limitless imagination, Rodrigani began hand-crafting bracelets, with the intent of personal use, however, his innate artisan skills did not go unnoticed and shortly, he was occupied with bespoke orders. Immersed by the beauty behind luxury craftmanship, Rodrigani set out to build a brand rooted in art, excellence and innovation, where heritage and modernity would be jointly embraced. Rodrigani’s first iconic piece was the Cyrus bracelet, inspired by the Cyrus cylinder, the first declaration of human rights.

Today, Yohan Rodrigani has grown to become a global high-end brand, although it reveres exclusivity. Rodrigani has become increasingly desired amongst famed public figures and athletes due to its personalized service.


Yohan Rodrigani sources the finest quality materials honoring traditional and modern craftsmanship. Yohan Rodrigani designs are crafted in 18-karat gold, Argentium silver or platinum and feature some of the finest semi-precious and precious gemstones in the world. What’s more, Yohan Rodrigani is committed to being a conscious luxury brand; each diamond is sourced using the Kimberly Process, a global initiative to ensure the exchange of conflict-free diamonds. The diamonds used in Yohan Rodrigani pieces range from FL-VS2 in clarity and D-J in color. Each piece is designed and made in Miami and comes with a unique authenticity number.