YOHAN RODRIGANI takes great pride in producing exceptional quality jewelry that can be enjoyed and valued for generations. To ensure such quality craftsmanship, each piece is made with the finest materials available and carefully handled and inspected as it moves through each phase of manufacturing. Once the piece is finalized, it undergoes through a rigorous quality check inspection.

However, different environmental factors (i.e. dust, fragrances, air pollutants and perspiration) can produce significant changes on gemstones, metals and leather over time. Accordingly, we recommend that you wipe down your jewelry after each wear with a dry cloth.   

The tips outlined below may assist you in best preserving your YOHAN RODRIGANI piece.

  • Have your jewelry inspected by a professional at least once a year.
  • Always keep your jewelry away from common elements (i.e. salt water, household cleaning products, chlorine, extreme heat and or light, to name a few).
  • Remove tarnish from precious metals with the YOHAN RODRIGANI polishing cloth located inside your authenticity folder. Do not use the polishing cloth to wipe down leather pieces as the oils from the metals may harm the natural leather.
  • Never submerge ANY leather goods in water.
  • Always store your jewelry individually inside your YOHAN RODRIGANI protective pouch to prevent scratches.


If your YOHAN RODRIGANI piece should require repairs, please refer to our Warranty Policy for more information or submit your inquiry here.